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Idube Safety is a well established business with a track record that spans over 40 years.

We have weathered all the ups and downs of those 40 years and come out on the other side to become one of the most respected and relied upon suppliers of top quality safety clothing and equipment in Kwa Zulu Natal.

What does being in business for 40 Years do for you?

It means that we are registered and have complied with all the necessary regulatory bodies.  We understand that your safety comes first and that without expert advice mistakes can be made that have disastrous effects on the livelihood of your business.

It means that we have had feedback from our customers on all products and that we have been able to adjust accordingly, make recommendations for different work environments, literally from freezer to furnaces.


Our incredibly low staff turn over means that we have well trained people who can guide you to choose the strongest and cost effective way to maintain the standards of safety to meet your needs.